Montana Relaxes Rules on Wolf Hunting

Another overreach by the reactionary right who want to distract people away from the issues that their ideology fails to solve. They were just two people, trying to make a difference and they did. Thank you Michaela, a very powerful video!! During the wolf season, wolves were harvested: Blog at WordPress.

Montana Relaxes Rules on Wolf Hunting Outside Online

According to Native Americans, January is the time of year when wolves are often heard howling over the snow-covered landscape. Please buy your deer tags early; nonresident general deer tags sold out, whitetail tags available Monday, October 1, - 2: Here is the IDFG proposal: For the first time in more than 30 years, the northern Rockies are set today to echo with the sound of guns being fired at one of the symbols of the American wilderness: Tag fee applies ONLY if drawn.

So far, only four wolves have been killed by hunters in the area along the Idaho border. Montana wolf hunt is stalked by controversy. Maxwell knows opinions about wolves are mixed.

Think what an effect that would have! The bills are sponsored either by Rep. Skip to main content. I hope the states undertake this task soberly, and with a serious commitment to ensure that wolves are sustainably managed so that future generations of Westerners can continue to hear the howl of wolves in the wild. The fee would be paid when purchasing your first annual license of the year. There was a problem subscribing you to the newsletter. Idaho Press Tribune Photo: Wolf was killed Oct.

Published on Sep 13, by brooksfahy. One dog was also killed by wolves. Some tribes refer to the January full moon as the snow moon — but most reserve that name for the full moon in February when snow is often deeper in northern climates. The group's Doug Honnold told the Idaho Statesman newspaper: Montana dead wolves, Idaho wolves shot, 71 wolves trapped or snared to death.

Reuse this content. Total wolf mortality was about wolves.