Chowman opens in Patuli

Coriander Prawn. Fish Pepper Salt.

Chowman-Behala Home delivery Order online James Long Sarani Behala Kolkata

Kelly charged with 10 counts of sexual abuse Entertainment. Starters 1 item. Egg Fried Rice. Mixed Veg in Kung Pao Style.

Menu of Chowman, Behala, Kolkata Dineout discovery

Chilli Basil Fish. Veg Schezwan Fried Rice. Enter your full name. Chicken Basil Fried Rice. Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce.

Enter your phone number. Prawn Wonton Soup. Double Fried Lamb. Veg Coriander Burnt Garlic Rice. Chicken Tai Pei. Mixed Basil Fried Rice. Steamed Fish in Any Sauce. Mixed Vegetable in White Sauce. Egg Meifoon. Chowman's Special Noodles. Veg Lemon Coriander Thick Soup.

Fish in Sweet Chilli Sauce Bhetki.

Chowman opens in Patuli

Manchurian Fish Bhetki. Lemon Fish Bhetki.

Hunan Fish. Chilli Potato.


Mixed Schezwan Fried Rice. Non-Veg Starters 61 items. Fish in Choice of Sauce. Sesame Prawn Balls. Veg Chinese Chop suey.

Crab Meat Fried Rice. Cracker Prawns. License No. Enter your OTP.