Fairy Tail Portraits – Erza Scarlet and Loke

Loke Results. Two years later, she is forced to return to Earth-land when Mystogan reverses Anima's effects, reuniting with her siblings.

Works People Groups Journals Forums. She is one of Natsu Dragneel 's childhood friends who helps him hatch Happy 's egg at age Loke by rhuen on deviantart. One year later, Sherria sacrifices her magical ability by undergoing Ultear Milkovich 's Third Origin spell to temporarily reach her full potential in order to destroy DiMaria Yesta 's God Soul form. We aren't together!

Back To Top. Fairy Tail's Mashima at Comic-Con". Tolkien , and Yudetamago as influences on his work.

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Later, Ultear falls into the sea while dueling with Gray, causing her to experience her mother's memories. She subsequently retrains as a wizard and begins to gradually regain her magic in the series epilogue. Information This entry was posted on May 18, by judeezabala in doodles , Uncategorized and tagged art , doodle , erza scarlet , fairy tail , loke. May in English. Like this: Mashima developed his name to sound "somewhat cute".

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February in Japanese. View 0 more comments. Part 2". This girl was so, innocent and pure looking. Astrayeah on Facebook. The coloring is perfect everything is excellent! He raises Natsu from infancy, teaching him language, culture, and the ability to use Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. Because of this, they are seen as angels by the humans of Edolas, with Chagot revered as a god who passes judgment on humans.

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