Why are payments for my eBay sales being sent to the wrong email address?

Don’t try to give buyers your contact details in eBay Messages

About the Author Elizabeth Mott has been a writer since According to GetHuman, a company which provides info and help getting human representatives on the line, the average wait time is 14 minutes when calling eBay customer service. Of course, you're in control. Sorry to sound padantic but it is was it is.. Go to Solution. Why are payments for my eBay sales being sent to the wrong email address? If you're using encryption software, you may need to turn it off before sending messages.

Skip to main content. It's likley, but then again it's highly unlikley. At one point some sellers were even promoting it on here so that ebay did not get their fee.

Go to solution. If you're sending a message to your buyer or seller about a transaction, make sure that the item number is correct and that the item hasn't expired.

Problems sending or receiving messages in My eBay

Safeguard your computer with virus prevention. Thats a potential order lost if it can be done and if it cant time wasted on the customers end which they may not have.

Choose the relevant category. Your eBay payments may be directed to the wrong email address for one of the following reasons:. Contact us.

I wouldn't really recommend contacting people outside of eBay—the restrictions are there for a reason! Here is the message I received from eBay;. Welcome to the PayPal Community! How to reach eBay customer service on social media?

Active content. Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. Whether you use eBay as a source of hard-to-find parts for critical business equipment or to locate bargains on new or used supplies, the service protects your personal information behind the anonymity of your eBay ID. The last resort in my opinion is to try and reach eBay telephone support. Visit the Answer Centre to post a question.

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