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Related Posts. So you can run the Inventory Valuation and match it up against your regular inventory and the inventory Interim account. Run adjust cost, which what you should be doing already. Jack Nycz. On top of these, some more small changes were added, like:. Already an Velosio client and need support or additional services?

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Everyone is super busy these days, the last thing people want to do is administrative work. You can read the article here. Some food for thought: Microsoft has also worked on the Items. Or did you read the print when you bought NAV from that company?

More often than not, I walk into companies with elaborate setups, with Inventory Periods being one of them, that has not been used since the first 1 or 2 periods since the company went live. Microsoft has done this by adding things like:. Do you have administrator on that computer? Simply fill out the form below and get connected to the appropriate team member in no time.

October 14, at 2: I still believe people should truly understand the software so they know what reports to run and how to reconcile properly….

We now may want to add some style and color to these badges. We can now add the menu hover with the code below, feel free to customize the colors to your liking.

I am running into a problem where the animation is not working. But do be aware about the new opportunities though: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. No one had seen this error. If not, please check out my other articles on the subject on how to properly care for the inventory module in Dynamics Business Central formerly Dynamics NAV.

Setting Up Workflow Notifications - Dynamics NAV App Microsoft Docs

But this notification is now coming in every page and every time I refresh the site. Which pixel settings do I change? Nice tutorial demonstrating css navigation. Often times, the management of a company will have a discussion with us to discuss their challenges. This scenario is similar to the above.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 – what’s really new?

My by far least favorite new feature. Jason Neel. On the next workflow step, the event can be that User 2 approves the record, and the response is that a notification is sent to User 3 to start a related processing of the approved record.

One of the justifications for a company that stays with inefficient processes are because they thought those type of systems are only for large companies. I do understand the desire to want to set this property to Always.

To cut short, you should read all about it in the recent blogpost of Arend-Jan Kauffman.